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The Science of Political Economy

by Henry George
abridged by Lindy Davies

Introduction Reason of this Work

Part I The Meaning of Political Economy

1. Man and The World
2. The Greater Leviathan
3. The Meaning of Civilization
4. The Origin and Genesis of Civilization
5. Knowledge and Skill
6. Natural Laws
7. The Knowledge Properly Called Science
8. The Meaning and Scope of Political Economy
9. The Elements of Political Economy
10. The Fundamental Law of Political Economy
11. Methods of Political Economy
12. Political Economy As Science and Art

Part II The Nature of Wealth

1. Confusions as to the Meaning of Wealth
2. Causes of Confusion as to the Meaning of Wealth
3. Adam Smith and the French Physiocrats
4. Development of the Scholastic Political Economy
5. Gropings Toward a Determination of Wealth
6. The Breakdown of Scholastic Political Economy
7. Wealth and Value
8. Economic Value Its Real Meaning and Final Measure
9. Value of General or Particular Things
10. The Two Sources of Value
11. The Meaning of Wealth in Political Economy
12. The Genesis of Wealth
13. The Wealth That is Called Capital
14. Why Political Economy Considers Only Wealth
15. Moral Confusions as to Wealth
16. The Permanence of Wealth

Part III The Production of Wealth

1. The Meaning of Production
2. The Three Modes of Production
3. The Alleged Law of Diminishing Returns in Agriculture
4. Space and Time
5. The Relation of Space in Production
6. The Relation of Time in Production
7. Co-operation: Its Two Ways
8. Cooperation: Its Two Kinds
9. The Office of Exchange in Production
10. Order of the Three Factors of Production

Part IV The Distribution of Wealth

1. The Meaning of Distribution
2. The Nature of Distribution
3. Physical and Moral Laws
4. Property
5. Cause of Confusion As To Property

Part V Money

1. Confusions as to Money
2. The Common Understanding of Money
3. Medium of Exchange and Measure of Value
4. The Office of Credit in Exchanges
5. The Genesis of Money
6. The Two Kinds of Money

Afterword: What George "Left Out" by Lindy Davies